Dan Madsen's Amazing Contributions To Star Wars Fandom!

Hi fellow Star Wars action figure collectors and Star Wars fans! April 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Star Wars Celebrations and in only a few weeks (May 3rd) we'll celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Episode 1 toy line!  In order to celebrate this truly iconic moment I dug in the archives and pulled out an interview with Dan Madsen, which a few years later I am still fascinated by. There are not many people who have contributed to Star Wars fandom as much as Dan, his passion for Star Wars and hard work laid the foundation for this generation's Star Wars fandom. His stories about running the Lucasfilm Fan Club in the 80's and 90's, the Star Wars Insider, exclusive fan club Star Wars figures, organizing Star Wars Celebration I in 1999, meeting George Lucas, secret knocks on doors inside Skywalker Ranch, being an extra in Episode I, watching George Lucas cut the Episode I trailer, and the excitement inside Lucasfilm before Episode I was released, all those stories are truly exciting and not to be missed! 

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