About Galacticfigures.com

Hello there and welcome to GalacticFigures.com, The Star Wars action figure database, with over 60k images of Star Wars action figures! For over two decades, GalacticFigures.com has been a crucial player in the Star Wars action figure collecting community and below are some key features of the website.

Evolution of the Website

  • Inception (March 2004): The website was launched in March 2004 under the name JediBusiness.com.
  • Rebranding (September 2021): The website underwent a rebranding process and became GalacticFigures.com in September 2021.

Decades of Impact

  • Daily Updates: Provides daily updates on Star Wars action figure news.
  • Engagement with Hasbro: Actively engages with the Hasbro Star Wars brand team to address collectors' concerns via in-person interviews, online discussions and on-location event reporting.
  • Educating: Attending conventions and participating in panels to educate collectors about Star Wars action figures.

Collector-Centric Features

  • Search Functionality:
    • The Master List offers a comprehensive, alphabetical compilation of figures.
    • Search figures by character, associated entertainment, or specific profession (e.g., Jedi, Sith, Pilots, Bounty Hunters, Droids and more).
    • Option to sort figures by toy lines/assortments.
    • Google search bar on every page.
  • Detailed Filters:
    • Fine-tune searches by various perspectives, with emphasis on head sculpts.
    • Filter some figures by their packaging and accessories.
    • Filters include categories such as females, holograms, force spirits, holiday figures, concept figures, and species.

Tools for Identification and Comparison

  • ID Tool:
    • Allows users to input copyright year or 5-digit identifier number to identify matching figures (most figures have a copyright year or a 5 digit number printed on them).
  • Comparison Tool:
    • Lets users compare two figures side by side to spot differences in sculpt or paint application.

Merchant Links (No Direct Sales)

  • Sponsored Links:
    • Throughout the website, you'll find sponsored links to various merchants, including Ebay, Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Walmart, etc.
  • Buying Recommendation:
    • Emphasizes Ebay as the best place to buy figures due to the majority being out of circulation and available on the secondary market.

Thank you for your interest! All images are subject to copyright and owned by GalacticFigures.com unless otherwise noted.