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6/27/2021 The Vintage Collection The Black Series

Walmart has begun shipping out their exclusive 3 3/4" Vintage Collection figures (AT-ST Driver, Leia Endor and Paploo), and yet again, just like their recent exclusives (hello ESB Retro Collection), they arrive in mostly damaged conditions. 

Apparently it's a gamble and depends on what distribution center will package your figures. They'll either arrive in a bubble mailer, in a box or even double boxed! If you are lucky enough that Walmart decided to mail your figures in a box it doesn't automatically mean that they are in good condition on the inside, in many cases they get creased and scratched up before they are being packaged. 

We've seen packaging/shipping issues, especially for exclusive product, with many retailers over the past several years (that includes you Hasbro Pulse), and we are still waiting for Hasbro to solve this problem. Since action figures, or more specifically Star Wars action figures, are such a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the product range Walmart, Target etc... carries, it's unlikely that they are able to address this problem. 

Hasbro, you can fix this issue by brining back clamshells just like what you did for the Vintage Orgininal Trilogy Collection in 2004 and the Vintage Saga Collection in 2006 and 2007, especially for exclusive product, so that your fans can get their hands on your items in a pristine condition. The issues are mainly for 3 3/4" Vintage Collection figures, but also affect The Black Series 6" exclusives (Best Buy Phantom Menace figures, Target Clone Wars figures). Below is a collage of images found in the Jedi Business FB group of people getting their figures.

Walmart shipping issuesIt's a gamble, will your figures arrive in a good condition, or will they not? Since you can't buy those figures anywhere else but Walmart, good luck!