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May The 4th Reveals And Pre-Order Info! Everything You Need To Know!

5/3/2023 The Black Series The Vintage Collection Affiliate Links

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Pre-Order Info For 5/4/2023 1pm ET

Earlier today, Hasbro conducted a livestream event to showcase their latest Star Wars action figures, providing sneak peeks of previously announced pipeline reveals as well. Regrettably, no information was shared about the Retro Collection, and while the reveals for the Vintage Collection were impressive, they were overshadowed by the Black Series line. Below, we'll take a closer look at all the items that were unveiled during the event.

The Vintage Collection

The Hasbro Star Wars team revealed that they will be releasing a Target exclusive 2-pack of Luke Skywalker and Grogu as part of the Vintage Collection Deluxe line. The set comes with a plethora of accessories, such as Luke's backpack for Grogu to sit in along with seven frogs, with the option to display three of them on a flip stand. The price for this 2-pack set is $27.99.

The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker & Grogu

Hasbro is set to re-release two Ewok figures in an animated color palette with Kenner-inspired packaging to pay tribute to the 1985 Ewoks cartoon. The duo includes Wicket and Princess Kneesaa, both of whom come with a coin and are individually carded inside a bigger box. While Wicket's coin is an exact replica of the original, the coin included with Kneesaa is a brand new design. This 2-pack is an exclusive item available only through the Fan Channel, and is priced at $36.99. It will be released in Spring 2024. 

The Vintage Collection Wicket and Kneesaa

The Grand Inquistor from the Star Wars: Kenobi TV series will be released in the Vintage Collection. The figure will be part of the mainline for $16.99 and will be on store shelves in Fall 2023. 

The Vintage Collection Grand Inquisitor

The previously announced Vintage Collection HasLab was not shown but it was mentioned that the reveal will take place at San Diego Comic Con 2023. There were no pipeline reveals for TVC this time. 

The Black Series

For the Black Series 6" line Hasbro gave us a first look at the battle damaged General Grievous from Star Wars: Battlefront II. This figure is a GameStop exclusive and part of the Deluxe line-up at $33.99. Darth Malgus is a mainline release and just like General Grievous part of the Deluxe Black Series line-up at a higher price point.

The Black Series General Grievous

The Black Series Darth Malgus

Din Djarin gets an update! This time the figure will feature a soft-goods cape so that he can wear the jet-pack properly! Din Djarin, aka the Mandalorian (Glavis Ringworld) is a mainline release for $24.99. Besides the Mandalorian Hasbro also showed that Chewbacca and Wicket from the 40th anniversary Return Of The Jedi line will be re-released in the basic assortment for $24.99 each.

The Black Series Mandalorian Ring World

The Black Series Chewbacca and Wicket

The Phase II Clone Trooper gets an update! It now will have a removable helmet and besides other improvements it will also feature the shoulder bells which allow for a wider range of arm movement. This figure is a mainline release for $24.99. The Magnaguard is an all new figure and just like the Clone Trooper it'll be a mainline release for $24.99. 

The Black Series Phase II Clone Trooper and Magnaguard

Last but not least Hasbro showed the outstanding looking Ahsoka Tano figure from the third season of the Clone Wars TV series. Ahsoka will be a mainline release at $24.99. This is a hot one folks, it looks great!

The Black Series  Ahsoka Tano

As for pipeline reveals, Hasbro announced that the Black Series Archive line will return in 2024 with Bo-Katan, Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), Darth Vader (from ANH) and a Stormtrooper (the 2022 version).

Other figures in the pipeline for 2024 include Paz Vizsla (straight repack), an R4 astromech droid (Greef Karga's droid/Walmart exclusive), Anakin Skywalker (TPM) and Padme Amidala (TPM). The last item revealed was the role playing helmet for Carson Teeva from the Mandalorian TV series. Look for all those figures and the helmet sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2024.

The Black Series  Pipeline reveals for 2024

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