Geonosian Pilot With Geonosian Starfighter Clone Wars 2D Micro-Series (Realistic Style)

Geonosian Pilot


  • This Geonosian Pilot was packed-in together with the Geonosian Starfighter
  • The face mask is part of the head sculpt and not removable
  • The cable is permanently attached to the mask
  • The figure stands shaky by itself - and unfortunately there are no peg holes in the feet
  • The upper body armor and the skirt are not removable
  • Hasbro did a nice job with the paint application - especially on the head and the back of the legs - which feature a subtle - but different paint job from the rest of the body
  • There is no datestamp on the figure


A lean, needle-nosed fighter-craft with a distinct alien heritage, the starfighters of the Geonosians are small, compact vessels of great speed and superior agility. A single Geonosian pilot sits within the cramped cockpit and peers out of a bubble canopy that allows a 360-degree field of vision. Cradled within the forward needles of the ship is a turret-mounted laser cannon.

During the Clone Wars, the fighters were modified to increase their firepower, by adding two proton torpedos in the side launchers.