Bad Pete 2015 Star Wars Weekends - Pete As Jango Fett Disney Star Wars Characters

Bad Pete

  • Toy Line: Disney Star Wars Characters
  • MSRP: $12.95 USD
  • (via affiliate link)
  • Scale: 2.75"
  • Retailer Exclusive: Disney
  • Variations Recorded: No
  • Date Stamp:
  • Released: 2015
  • Joint Count: 6
  • Joint Details: 1 Swivel neck, 2 swivel shoulders, 2 swivel wrists, 1 swivel waist
  • Accessory Count: 4
  • Accessory Details: 1 Jango Fett Helmet, 1 Jet-Pack, 2 Blasters


  • This Bad Pete as Jango Fett action figure was released single carded exclusively at Star Wars Weekends in 2015
  • The figure was limited to 2002 pieces, which celebrates the release year of Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones
  • Bad Pete is a repaint of the previously released Bad Pete as Boba Fett figure from 2010
  • Besides a different paint application, Disney included Jango Fett's signature blasters instead of Boba Fett's rifle
  • This figure is among the most impressive in the Disney/Star Wars mash-up figure line, it's detailed and much bigger than other figures in this line
  • The jet-pack can be plugged into a hole in the back of the figure which works well
  • The helmet fits nicely over the head
  • The paint application on the figure looks good and the sculpt captures the likeness of Bad Pete quite well
  • The bottom of both feet have peg holes in them so that the figure could be placed onto a display stand (not included)
  • Luckily the figure stands securely on its own without any balancing issues


Pete portrays Jango Fett, the Mandalorian bounty hunter found on the planet Kamino. Jango Fett is one of the most dangerous and skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy. He was hired by Darth Tyranus to serve as a template for a clone army. This clone army was one of the finest ever created and fought in the first battles of The Clone Wars. Aside from his pay, Jango demanded that he have an unaltered clone for himself, who he took as his son and named Boba Fett.

In celebration of Star Wars Weekends, this figure commemorates the father of Boba Fett. This action figure has been created exclusively for Star Wars Weekends. Each piece is individually numbered with a limited edition size of 2002 pieces.

May the Force be with you!