Massiff (With Tusken Raider) Star Wars SAGA Series #52, 2002

Massiff With Tusken Raider Star Wars SAGA Series



  • This Massiff creature was released individually carded together with a Tusken Raider
  • The only movable part on the figure is the bottom jaw - which can be moved up and down
  • The harness can be taken off the figure by opening it on the bottom
  • This figure's paint application is slightly different compared with the Massif (with Geonosian Warrior figure)
  • There are no balancing issues


Nomadic tribespeople, Tusken Raiders scavenge and pilfer the sparsely populated areas of Tatooine. Also known as Sand People, they are a vicious lot, frequently raiding unsuspecting moisture farms in the desert regions. The massiffs are equally as vicious with razor sharp teeth and agile movements.


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