Gonk Droid (Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack) The 30th Anniversary Collection 2007

Gonk Droid Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack The 30th Anniversary Collection

Gonk Droid


  • This Gonk Droid (Ammunition Droid) was released in October 2007 in a Star Wars: Battlefront II Droid 7-pack which was a PX Preview exclusive
  • Every figure in this set was based on the BATTLEFRONT II video game from 2005
  • Battle Droid Engineer, Super Battle Droid, Magnaguard Droid, Battle Droid Assassin, Destroyer Droid and an Assault Battle Droid
  • The set included five Star Wars: Battlefront II branded display stands
  • The Gonk Droid has a button on the right side of the body which when pressed moves both legs back and forth
  • There are no hidden panels or gadgets hidden in the droid
  • The mechanism for moving the legs back and forth was broken in our droid so that one leg was always in front of the other (luckily Hasbro included a display stand with the figure, otherwise the droid would fall over)
  • This Gonk Droid has a unique paint application when compared to all the other GNK - Gonk Droids which Hasbro has released


The battle for the galaxy! Star Wars: Battlefront II gathers together a galaxy of heroes, villains, droids, and vehicles for plenty of intense combat and epic battles. From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil Wars, Star Wars: Battlefront II gives you command of the action! The battle heats up with a powerful squadron of droids, each with special combat skills to support their forces with ferocious firepower and technological skill!

Ammunition droids move through battlefields to re-supply combat forces with ammunition, allowing troops to deliver an unrelenting barrage of firepower.


Gonk Droid Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack
Gonk Droid Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack
Gonk Droid Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack
Gonk Droid Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack
Gonk Droid Battlefront II (2005) Droid 7-Pack


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