IT-O Interrogation Droid

The Legacy Collection #13, 2009
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IT-O Interrogation Droid Comic 3-pack #13 - 2009 The Legacy Collection

IT-O Interrogation Droid


  • This IT-O Interrogation Droid figure was released in a comic pack during the Legacy Collection in 2009
  • The other figures in this set were the Shadow Stormtrooper and the Blackhole Hologram
  • The only accessory included with the droid was a base
  • There are three holes on the bottom of the droid where the base can be plugged in, this works well and the base helps the droid to "float"
  • There are no movable parts or panels which could be opened on the droid


Shadow stormtroopers capture Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on Vorzyd V. The Rebels are on the planet, also known as the Gambler's World, to stop the evil Empire's main source of income. After kidnapping the Rebels, the stormtroopers speak with Blackhole, the Imperial Intelligence Director, who orders the prisoners interrogated by an IT-O Droid.