MSE Droid With Vice Admiral Rampart Star Wars The Black Series 6"

MSE Droid


  • This MSE Droid was released in early November 2021 exclusively at Walmart
  • The figure was packed-in together with Vice Admiral Rampart and is more an accessory than actual figure
  • The Mouse Droid is a repaint of the in 2019 released Black Series Mouse Droid
  • The wheels on the bottom turn so the droid can be rolled around
  • There are no removable panels or hidden gadgets in this MSE Droid
  • Hasbro painted the droid well with a nice wash and scratches on the body
  • What you see is what you get here, it's a nicely sculpted and painted version of the MSE Droid and a nice bonus item which was included with Vice Admiral Rampart


After the fall of the Republic, Vice Admiral Rampart is assigned to oversee the clone troopers on Kamino by Governor Tarkin. Rampart has eagerly taken to his role in the new Galactic Empire as it aims to instill order in the galaxy.