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Grogu 3-Pack With Din Djarin & Ahsoka Tano Star Wars The Black Series 6"



  • This Grogu figure was released in a 3-pack exclusively through Amazon in November 2022
  • The other figures in this set were Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin
  • The entire set is based on the second season of the Mandalorian TV series where Ahsoka meets Din Djarin and Grogu for the first time
  • This Grogu figure has different arms compared to the ones which were released before November 2022
  • The wrists are ball-jointed and you can swivel the hands around and move them slightly back and forth
  • The neck is ball-jointed and lets you rotate the head and lets you have Grogu look up and down slightly
  • The body is one solid piece of plastic
  • The paint application feels very basic on Grogu with no dirt or weathering on the clothing
  • This Grogu figure still feels like a Kinder Surprise Egg toy and not like a worthy addition to the Black Series line unfortunately


The Mandalorian seeks out Ahsoka Tano to help reveal the Child's past and light the way to his future. She discovers his name is Grogu and he has knowledge of the Force. Unwilling to train him, Ahsoka tells the Mandalorian to go to Tython's ancient temple ruins so that Grogu can reach out through the Force atop the temple's seeing store in hopes a Jedi may sense his presence.

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