Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku) The Force Awakens Collection



  • This version of Rey was released packed-in together with Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
  • This Rey is very different from the single carded released Rey (Starkiller Base)
  • Rey's goggles are not removable
  • Rey is able to hold her weapon tightly in each hand
  • The weapon/staff is made out of very soft plastic and bends easily
  • The staff can be attached to the side of the speeder - which is great!
  • There are no removable parts on Rey's outfit
  • Rey's head is not movable
  • The figure stands well on display without any balancing issues
  • Hasbro painted the figure nicely overall - but we would have liked to see some weathering on the clothes (Jakku sand!)
  • The figure fits onto the included speeder - but it looks very stiff
  • The figure would have benefited tremendously from ball-jointed hips - knee and ankle joints - that way Rey could have been placed onto the speeder more accurately
  • Rey's Speeder is very nicely done - it has a removable net on the side and small movable panels in the back
  • When the button on the side of the net is pressed the top of the speeder opens up and reveals a gun
  • When the same button is pressed again - the gun will shoot out a projectile
  • Rey's Speeder stands very securely on its own - and it looks great on display
  • Even though the figure could have been better - this set is one of the highlights from The Force Awakens toy launch
  • Check out hi-res pictures of Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
  • This very same set was available in the Rogue One Collection: Rey With Rey's Speeder (Jakku)


For quick transportation across the junk-strewn dunes of Jakku, Rey relies on her old salvaged speeder.


Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)
Rey Rey's Speeder (Jakku)


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