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Flametrooper The Force Awakens Disney Elite Series Die Cast
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Disney Elite Series Die Cast
  • MSRP: $24.95 USD
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  • Scale: 6.5"
  • Retailer Exclusive: Disney Store
  • Variations Recorded: No
  • Year Imprinted: None
  • Released: 2015
  • Joint Count: 14
  • Joint Details: 1 Ball-jointed neck, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 swivel elbows, 2 swivel wrists, 1 swivel waist, 2 ball-jointed hips, 2 swivel knees, 2 swivel ankles
  • Accessory Count: 2
  • Accessory Details: 1 Flametrower (not removable), 1 Display Stand


  • This First Order Flametrooper was released on September 4th, 2015 at Disney Stores
  • The Flametrooper came with a display stand and a flamethrower
  • The flamethrower is molded into the Flametrooper's right hand and can't be taken off
  • The fuel tank is permanently attached to the back of the figure
  • The trooper was painted well with a high glossy finish on the armor (nice!) and the sculpt captures the likeness of the Flametroopers very well
  • All the small details on the flamethrower and the fuel tank look great
  • Unfortunately this is another Elite Series Die Cast figure which is overly fragile
  • After trying to adjust the stance and moving the right leg more to the side the entire leg broke off (this must have been the 5th or 6th Disney Elite Series Die Cast figure which we broke!)
  • There are currently over 20,000.00 images here on JediBusiness.com, so we've taken quite a few pictures of figures over the years, and we've never had this much trouble with any other figure lines
  • The included display stand works well, if the ankle and knee joints in the figure are stiff enough to support the weight of the figure (your mileage will vary)
  • This very same figure was re-released by Disney about one year later in a Disney Elite Series Deluxe Gift Set


In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Disney Store is proud to introduce the Star Wars Elite Series, a premium line of toys featuring iconic characters from the expansive world of Star Wars. This exclusive collection is meticulously engineered and crafted with Star Wars fans in mind.

Specialized Stormtroopers of the First Order, Flametroopers carry incendiary weapons that can transform any battlefield into an infernal blaze.

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