2014's TOP Star Wars Collection Photos

We've received so many fantastic collection pictures in 2014 that we thought it would be fun to showcase some of them. We intended to pick a TOP 10 - which turned into a TOP 50 - and now we have over 200 pictures here. All awesome. It's amazing to see so many different styles - there are character-focus collections - carded - loose - vintage-only - clone trooper armies ... and everything in-between. Collecting Star Wars action figures and toys is a worldwide phenomenon - we've received submissions from countries such as Argentina - Poland - Columbia - Mexico - Australia - Chile - Venezuela - Canada - Thailand - UK - Germany - Italy - Spain - Ireland - Czech Republic - France - Japan - Netherlands and the United States. Thanks to everybody who participated and sent in pictures of their collections!

Please make sure you update us with your new additions and displays - you can send your pictures to collections@jedibusiness.com or message your photos through our Facebook page. Thank you - and enjoy browsing through the collection pictures!