The TOP 5 Vintage Collection And Black Series 6" Figures In 2020

1/6/2021 The Vintage Collection The Black Series

During the last week of December 2020 the community voted for the best Star Wars: The Vintage Collection and Star Wars: The Black Series 6" action figures. Each of the winners now features a "TOP 5 in 2020" image with their database entry.  Below are the results.

The Vintage Collection TOP 5 in 2020

  • Din Djarin with Child
  • ARC Trooper Jesse
  • Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
  • Moff Gideon 
  • Cara Dune

In the case of Din Djarin with Child the entire set was judged as a whole.

Top 5 Vintage Collection Figures For 2020

The Black Series TOP 5 in 2020

  • Hoth Rebel Trooper
  • Cad Bane
  • Count Dooku
  • Zeb
  • The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)

Judged were the figures themselves, not the packaging. For example the Black Series Cad Bane and the Black Series Hoth Rebel Trooper figures were released twice in 2020, so each of those database entries carries the "Top 5 in 2020" image because the figures were identical.

Top 5 Black Series Figures For 2020

Thank you to everybody who participated! Feel free to join the Facebook group here and be part of the community.