Vintage Star Wars Cartoons And Movies Are Now On Disney+

4/2/2021 Kenner The Clone Wars

Disney has just updated their Disney+ streaming service with vintage Star Wars content, including all episodes of the Star Wars: Ewoks cartoon, the Boba Fett animated debut from the Star Wars Holiday Special, both Ewok spin-off movies and the Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated series. The Droids cartoon from the mid 80's was announced to be released later in 2021. 

Kenner produced a limited amound of 3.75" figures from the Ewok cartoons in the mid '80's, which you can look at in the database here. Hasbro produced a limited number of figures based on the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series between 2003 and 2005, you can look at the animated-style figures here, and the realistic interpretations here

Hasbro has also made a 3.75" Boba Fett figure based on the animated debut in the 30th Anniversary Collection, take a look here: Boba Fett (Animated Debut)

Vintage Star Wars