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JBT - Jedi Business Talk - Episode #12

5/17/2019 JBT Jedi Business Talk Kenner

On episode #12 of J.B.T. Kenner toy design legend Jim Swearingen joins Criz Bee for an hour to talk about the origins of Star Wars action figures. Jim Swearingen designed the first eleven (not twelve) Kenner Star Wars figures, he designed the Kenner Death Star playset, the Kenner X-Wing and Tie Fighter vehicles, and he came up with the concept for the trap doors for the Dewback and TaunTauns. He also designed the very first iteration of the Kenner Boba Fett figure! Listen to the episode and learn what it was like working at Kenner in the 70s, and find out why Star Wars figures are 3.75" tall. All of this and more on JBT episode #12, stream it for free now!

JBT Jedi Business Talk

Everything You Need To Know About The Retro Collection

5/3/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection Hasbro Kenner

We've taken a closer look at the entire first wave of Star Wars Retro Collection figures from Hasbro. We compared them to the originals and took comparison pictures, please have a look!

Star Wars Retro Collection Darth Vader

5/2/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection A New Hope Kenner

We've added the brand new Retro Collection Darth Vader 3.75" figure from Hasbro to the database. Here is the database entry, and here is the high-res photo gallery, have a look!

Retro Collection Darth Vader

Star Wars Retro Collection Early Bird Homage

4/30/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection Kenner Hasbro

We've recveived a nice surprise from Hasbro! They sent a large envelope in the style of the original Kenner Early Bird Kit from 1977 which included a reproduction of the original 1977 Star Wars stickers. We'd like to say thank you to Hasbro for this fun piece and for sending it our way. We are looking forward to the Star Wars Retro Collection in a few weeks (the single carded figures are exclusively available at Target stores), and if you've been around the website then you already know that Grand Moff Tarkin has already been reviewed here on J.B.

For a look at what figures Hasbro has planned have a look at the photo gallery from this year's New York Toy Fair.

Star Wars Retro Collection

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 - Show Floor!

4/21/2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Hasbro Kenner

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 had a fantastic selection of Star Wars action figures on the show floor. Every Star Wars action figure line since 1978 was represented in one way or another. Here are select images of Star Wars figures which we came across at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019. Click on the image or follow this link to check it all out!

Tons of figures

JBT - Jedi Business Talk - Episode #5

3/15/2019 JBT Jedi Business Talk Kenner

For this episode of JBT Criz Bee went to the archives and pulled out an interview with Kenner photographer Kim Simmons, a.k.a. The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker! Join Criz Bee and Tom Berges (IGrewUpStarWars.com) on their adventure to learn more about the iconic Kenner Star Wars toy images which dominated their childhoods. Click on through and listen to the interview!

JBT Jedi Business Talk Kim Simmons

JBT - Jedi Business Talk - Episode #2

2/24/2019 JBT Jedi Business Talk Kenner

JBT - Jedi Business Talk is currently on spot #34 in the iTunes TOP PODCAST CHARTS! Please subscribe and help the show by leaving a review. On this episode of JBT we learn from Gus Lopez about the Star Wars Droids WHITE WITCH vehicle, he also shares his thoughts about the up-coming Star Wars Retro Collection and some details about Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019! Check it out, listen and subscribe please!

JBT - Episode 2 - Gus Lopez & The White Witch

Propstore Vintage Star Wars Toys & Collectibles Auction

2/22/2019 Kenner Hasbro Star Wars Auction

One of the most amazing Star Wars auctions is about to take place on February 28, 2019 at 11am PST. The auction is organized by the PropStore and it features some of the rarest and most expensive Star Wars action figures and toys available in the hobby. We've looked through the entire catalog and picked out some of our favorite items, listed the pricing for you and uploaded a photo gallery. Have a look at this amazing auction!

PropStore Star Wars auction

Everything We Learned About The Star Wars Retro Collection

2/17/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection Hasbro Kenner

Here is everything we learned about Hasbro's brand new 3.75" Star Wars Retro Collection during the New York Toy Fair 2019 presentation, read on for more and take a look at the images!

Star Wars Retro Collection

A New Kenner Star Wars Figure Puzzle Is Out!

1/30/2019 Kenner

Here is a look at a brand new puzzle which features Kenner Star Wars action figures. The puzzle, which consists of 1000 pieces, is available at Walmart stores and costs $10.88. Happy Hunting!

Kenner Star Wars Puzzle

Star Wars: Droids - The White Witch Vehicle Found!

1/29/2019 Kenner Star Wars: Droids

The White Witch vehicle was featured in the very first TV episode of Star Wars: Droids - The Adventures Of C-3PO And R2-D2 from 1985. Even though we knew of photography which showed the vehicle and Kenner's intention to produce it, it was unfortunately never released. After years of research not even prototypes were found, until now!

Lots Of Love For Kenner In The Official German Star Wars Magazine!

12/1/2018 Star Wars Magazine Kenner

We were quite surprised to find a lot of Kenner content in Germany's official Star Wars magazine which is currently available on newsstands. There are two small posters included, one which features the classic line-up of Kenner Star Wars figures with the yellow background, and one which depicts the Battle Of Hoth with several Kenner vehicles and action figures. Both images were captured by Kim Simmons who is interviewed over five pages talking about his history with Kenner in the 80's and his experience photographing Star Wars toys. 

Needless to say that if you've grown up with Kenner Star Wars back in the days it's nice to see those toys being featured heavily in a current Star Wars magazine, that's something which we haven't seen in the U.S. version since Chris Fawcett's Jedi Toy Box column. Editorials like this help the new generation of 3.75" Hasbro Star Wars action figure collectors learn about the 40+ year history and it keeps the collector segment within the Star Wars fandom engaged.  

The official German Star Wars magazine costs €4.60 (which is currently 5.21 USD) and is available on newsstands until December 20, 2018.

If you don't speak German, you can listen to our own interview with Kim Simmons here.

Star Wars magazine

Star Wars magazine

Left Coast Graphics Kenner Hoth Stickers

11/2/2018 Kenner The Empire Strikes Back

Left Coast Graphics just released new information regarding their vintage Kenner-style HOTH stickers! They, just like all the other Kenner work from Left Coast Graphics, look amazing! Here is their Facebook page for more info!

Left Coast Graphics

New Kenner Star Wars Shirt At Lunchbox

8/27/2018 Kenner A New Hope

The love for Kenner in 2018 knows no boundaries! Toy Run listener John Quinton Hodges found a new Kenner Star Wars action figure T-Shirt at Lunchbox. It's currently on sale for $23.12 and available from Small to 2XL. Have a look below!

Kenner Star Wars TShirt

Get Your Vintage Star Wars KENNER Calendar For 2019!

8/11/2018 Kenner Star Wars

Amazon has a Star Wars calendar in stock currently which features vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures! Check it out!

Star Wars Kenner Calendar

May The Toys Be With You Is Coming To Leicester, UK!

7/5/2018 May The Toys Be With You Kenner

The May The Toys Be With You exhibition keeps on touring through the UK and the next stop will be Leicester!

"One of the UK's finest collections of vintage Star Wars toys and original cinema posters is going on display in a stunning new exhibition at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery. Coalville was the base for Palitoy - the British company behind the iconic vintage toys – and this Summer Star Wars is coming home!"

May The Toys Be With You is both a celebration of the now highly collectable vintage toy line and also of the iconic design work and art of the Star Wars movies. From X-Wing Fighters to lightsabers, these fantastical designs have fired our imaginations and stamped their place on our cultural landscape. For little kids and 'big kids' alike this is an unmissable opportunity to view many rarely seen Star Wars treasures, and young Jedi may even have an opportunity to dress up and wield a lightsaber themselves!

Look out for an exciting events programme to complement the exhibition including a special opening day event on Saturday 21 July!

For more information about the exhibition you can listen to our Toy Run Podcast where we interviewed the owner of the collection, Matt Fox. For more information about the exhibition have a look at the official museum website please.

May The Toys Be With You

Thandie Newton's Star Wars Action Figure Dress!

5/15/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Kenner Hasbro

It looks like we have a new favorite actress! Thandie Newton wore a custom Vivienne Westwood Couture gown, printed with images of Thandie’s personal Star Wars action figure collection at the Cannes Film Festival. Each character was photographed by Christian Hogstedt and was layered over the iconic Vivienne Westwood ‘Absence of Roses’ print. For the full article take a look at Red Carpet Fashion Awards!

It's amazing to see such a high-profile actress show her love for Star Wars action figures while attending the SOLO: A Star Wars Story film premiere in France at the Cannes Film Festival. The figures which we've made out are Saw Gerrera, Finn, a Kenner Skiff Guard Lando and Captain Panaka!

Thandie Newton Star Wars

Thandie Newton Star Wars

Thandie Newton Star Wars

Vintage Kenner Star Wars Action Figure Diary

5/5/2018 Kenner Vintage Vintage Kenner

It's amazing that after all those years we are still seeing Kenner Star Wars action figures on brand new products. The latest find is a diary for 2018/2019 from Danilo, Europe's No 1 official licensed calendar publisher. 

The diary costs £9.99 and the description reads as follows: 

This premium A5 diary runs from July 2018 to August 2019 and features vintage action figure artwork with quotes from the renowned Star Wars movies. There is  plenty of room for notes/appointments and also includes week-to-view ruled pages, timetables, note pages, lined, graphed & plain paper, address pages, list of notable dates, year to view calendar alongside an easy reference tab system and a handy elastic band closure.

No word if it will be available in the United States. Thanks to Matthew Dickens for informing us about the diary. If you are in the UK you can order it here

Vintage Kenner Diary


May The Toys Be With You Exhibition Update!

4/14/2018 Kenner May The Toys Be With You

Matt Fox's May The Toys Be With You Exhibition is coming to the Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre in the UK. Vintage Kenner Star Wars toys, original Star Wars posters and prop replicas will be on display between April 21, 2018 - July 15, 2018. The entrance is free. 

We recommend that you attend the exhibition on opening day where there'll be a talk from the owner of the collection Matt Fox at 11am and 12 noon.

The description from the museum website reads:

"A touring exhibition of one of the country’s finest Star Wars collections of memorabilia, toys and posters owned by collector Matt Fox. The toys and collectables from this period, including X-wings, lightsabers, posters and figures will all be on display in this magical exhibition for families of all ages to enjoy together."

For opening hours and more information have a look at the official museum website: www.experience-barnsley.com

If you are interested to learn more about Matt Fox and his collection, please listen to Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast where we interviewed him. 

Star Wars May The Toys Be With You


Miracles Do Happen! Look At This Kenner Warehouse Find!

4/6/2018 Kenner Entertainment Earth Return Of The Jedi

Entertainment Earth is currently taking preorders for Kenner Salacious Crumb figures and hookah pipes with slave collars. Originally those items were acccessories for the 1983 Kenner Jabba The Hutt action playset (that was 35/36 years ago!). We've reached out to them to see what was going on with that and it turns out that there was a warehouse find and Entertainment Earth will make those items available for purchase in May 2018. So don't miss out on those, they are very reasonably priced at $3.99 each!

Salacious Crumb $3.99

Glass Bowl With Hookah Pipe #3.99

Kenner Salacious Crumb

Vintage Kenner Action Figure Enamel Pins Announced!

2/18/2018 Gentle Giant Kenner New York Toy Fair 2018

Gentle Giant has sent out an email newsletter ahead of New York Toy Fair announcing a variety of enamel pins, including pins based on Kenner's Star Wars action figure line from the 70's and 80's! 

"Enamel Pins - The enamel pin craze has swept the planet and once again pop culture fandom is on the forefront of that trend. Gentle Giant Toys is beyond excited to step into this arena with the biggest juggernaut license in the galaxy – Star Wars!

We are launching our new enamel pin program with 2-D enamel pins representing arguably the most popular toy line of all time – vintage Star Wars figures!  Subsequent waves will feature current films and characters from movies such as The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi as well as looking back across over 40 years of the Star Wars Universe!"

We'll post updates to pricing and availability as it becomes available, please check back!

Enamel Star Wars pins

The Toys That Made Us

12/27/2017 Kenner

The Toys That Made Us is a new documentary series on Netflix which focuses on the history of some of the most iconic and important toy lines in history, including Star Wars, Barbie, Masters of the Universe, GI Joe, and more. We are happy to have contributed to this project a tiny little bit by providing some Star Wars action figure photography. Check out the trailer below and watch the entire series on Netflix!

The Toys That Made us



The Toys That Made us

Yahoo! Entertainment Talks About The Early Days Of Kenner!

11/26/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars

Joal Ryan has updated an article on Yahoo! Entertainment from 2015 where they go back to 1977 and analyze the only Christmas in Star Wars history which didn't have Star Wars action figures on store shelves or under Christmas trees. Our good friend Gus Lopez, who has been a guest on several of our podcast episodes, is featured in the story along with some photography from his website The Star Wars Collectors Archive. It's a a good read, even if you've heard the story countless times over the years. Have a look here!

Yahoo Star Wars


Gentle Giant's Life-Size Kenner R2-D2!

11/17/2017 Gentle Giant Kenner

Gentle Giant is now taking pre-orders for their life-size Kenner inspired R2-D2. The monument, which is based off of the original 1978 Kenner R2-D2 figure, costs $3,200.00 and ships in July 2018. Have a look at the pictures below. 


Vintage Storage Bins At Target

9/25/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars

Target has been selling storage bins with the vintage Star Wars logo and the double race track on them for some time, and they've finally shown up online on their website with free ship-to-store. Those bins are a great storage option for your loose Star Wars action figures, check them out below. You can oder them on the Target website.

Vintage Star Wars Bin

The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker - Calendar 2018!

8/18/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars Kim Simmons

Kim Simmons, a.k.a. the man who shot Luke Skywalker, has announced that the vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure calendar is now available for pre-order. Kim Simmons was one of three people who worked on toy photography for Kenner in the 1980's and his photography is featured on a variety of vintage Kenner Star Wars packaging.  If you are interested in learning more about Kim Simmons, please listen to our interview with him on Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast episode 36.

Below are some images of what the calendar looks like, it will cost $25 plus shipping. More information about how to order can be found on Kim Simmons Facebook page. Tell him that JediBusiness.com sent you!

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Gentle Giant Early Bird 4-Pack Jumbo Set

7/27/2017 Gentle Giant Kenner

Gentle Giant is now taking pre-orders of the Kenner Early Bird Kit, which is a remake of the classic Kenner 3.75" Eary Bird Kit from 1978, but with larger sized figures (about 12" tall). The 4-pack will cost $279 and ship towards the end of 2017. You can get your set here.

Carrie Fisher Estate Auction - Action Figures Not From Her Collection?

7/11/2017 Carrie Fisher Kenner

TMZ.com has posted an article about the up-coming Carrie Fisher Estate auction, which also includes some vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures. 

Todd Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s brother and Debbie Reynolds’ son said, “My mother and sister were magnificent collectors, they amassed an amazing and diverse collection in their lifetimes. The size and scope of their collection rivals most museums. So in keeping with my mother’s wishes we have decided to share part of their magnificent collection with all their friends and fans.”

Unfortunately, some items have made it into the auction which were purchased after Carrie Fisher's passing. You can read the entire article on TMZ here: Carrie Fisher's Personal Property Auction

Carrie Fisher

1980's Special "Toy" Report

5/28/2017 Kenner

We discussed and played a snippet of the ABC special toy report from 1980 on our latest podcast episode of Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast. Below is the video where the audio was taken from.



Star Wars Action Figure Photography: Pablo Pulido's Vintage VS. Modern!

5/22/2017 Star Wars Action Figure Photography Kenner Hasbro

We've been moving some older articles and photo galleries back onto the website and you can now find Pablo Pulido's fantastic Vintage VS. Modern Star Wars action figure photography on the website again. Pablo photographed the opening scenes from Return Of The Jedi with vintage Kenner Star Wars figures and then re-created the exact same scene with modern Hasbro Star Wars figures. Have fun browsing around those photos: 

Star Wars Action Figure Photography: Pablo Pulido's Vintage VS. Modern!

Star Wars Action Figure Photography: Pablo Pulido's Vintage VS. Modern!

Go Rogue With Kenner Figures!

10/15/2016 Kenner Rogue One STUDIOFX App

Have you had the chance to play with Hasbro's Studio FX app yet? Hasbro used vintage Kenner figures for their short demonstration videos, check it out!