Vintage Collection X-Wing Fighter Packaging Reveal

8/7/2021 The Vintage Collection Rogue One

Hasbro revealed the packaging for the up-coming Target exclusive Vintage Collection Antoc Merrick X-Wing fighter this morning on various Hasbro Pulse social media channels. As you can see the packaging looks fantastic and it gives us another look at the beautifully weathered vehicle. The X-Wing Fighter will be availble this Fall at Target stores for $99.99 and it'll come packaged with Blue Leader Antoc Merrick himself. 

The card art for the Merrick figure itself looks great as well and this set will probably be very high on everybody's wishlists for Christmas this year. 

Not sure what figures Hasbro has released in the Vintage Collection yet? Then have a look here: Star Wars The Vintage Collection. And here is a look at all the pilots from the toyline:  TVC Pilots.

The Vintage Collection X-Wing Fighter

The Vintage Collection Antoc Merrick