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Database Update - Have A Look!

11/6/2022 Galactic Figures The Black Series The Vintage Collection

We've seen a lot of announcements over the past few weeks and the database has now been updated to reflect all the figure numbering and announced figures for The Vintage Collection and The Black Series with spaceholder images. 

Look at up-coming figures: 

Figures added/updated:

  • TVC ARC Commander Havoc
  • TVC Cassian Andor (Aldhani Mission)
  • TVC Vel Sartha
  • TVC Artillery Stormtrooper (image update)
  • TVC Biker Scout (image update)
  • TVC Kithaba (image update)
  • TVC Yakface (image update)
  • TVC Nikto (image update)
  • TVC Wooof (image update)
  • TVC Paz Vizsla (image update)
  • TBS Bastila Shan
  • TBS Darth Malak
  • TBS Cal Kestis
  • TBS BD-1
  • TBS Din Djarin (Morak)
  • TBS Doctor Aphra
  • TBS Vel Sartha
  • TBS Scar Trooper
  • TBS Mara Jade
  • TBS Boba Fett (40th - image update)

Database Update