The Vintage Collection Accessory Guide Is Here! Check It Out!

12/15/2022 The Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection accessory guide is here with over 1,300 accessories tracked! It's been in the making for an entire year and is now ready for you to use. And yes, just like the rest of the website, it's an entirely free resource for you, there is no charge or account creation needed to use this feature. 

We've all been there, you place figures on display, they fall over, weapons and accessories fall down, and in the end you don't remember what weapons  belonged to what figure. Or have you ever bought a loose figure at a toy show and were wondering what accessories it originally came with or if it's complete? That's what this guide aims to help with. It's now easier than ever to match up accessories with TVC figures, simply look at them all on one page!

The Vintage Collection section has a drop down navigation on the top, go to "View" and choose "Accessory View". It's easy, tap here to check it out.

The Vintage Collection Accessory Guide

The guide will grow over time as new figures are being released, so keep checking back!