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All New Star Wars Action Figure Announcements

1/23/2024 The Vintage Collection The Black Series

Pre-Orders For 1/24/2024 @ 1pm ET (sponsored links)

This morning Hasbro held a livestream on their Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel where they announced new Star Wars figures coming to the Black Series, the Vintage Collection and the Retro Collection! Below are all the figures which have been announced.

The Black Series

Hasbro showed previously pipeline revealed figures of the Phase I Clone Trooper (the figure uses the new clone trooper body) and the Destroyer Droid. The Clone will be released in Attack Of The Clones packaging while the Droideka is part of the Phantom Menace mural packaging. The team announced a new Admiral Thrawn figure which is based on the live-action appearance in the Ahsoka tv series, and even though preorders are going live on 1/24/2024 for all of them the Thrawn figure will not be released until Spring 2025. 

Black Series Clone Trooper and Destroyer Droid

Black Series Thrawn

Pipeline reveals for the Black Series line included IG-12 with Grogu and an Anzellan (will they fix IG's height this time?), a Mandalorian Nite Owl, a 3-pack from the Jedi: Survivor video game with a Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid and MagnaGuard, and a single boxed release of the Super Battle Droid. They also announced that a Moff Gideon role playing helmet will be released which was seen in the third season of the Mandalorian.

Black Series Pipeline reveals for late 2024 or 2025

The Vintage Collection

The 3 3/4" Vintage Collection will see following figures being released: Captain Rex (Bracca Mission), Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot, re-issue), Axe Woves (re-issue on a season 3 Mando cardback, the Mandalorian Fleet Commander, Din Djarin (re-issue of the soft-goods version, but this time on a season 3 cardback) and Grogu (repaint with season 3 pram and season 3 cardback).

The Vintage Collection reveals for 2024

The Vintage Collection reveals for 2024

The Vintage Collection reveals for 2024

The team revealed that the Chopper and Sabine figures on Haslab The Ghost Star Wars Rebels mural packaging will be made available for preorder starting on 1/24/2024 at 1pm exclusively on HasbroPulse.com, pre-orders will stay open until February 14, 2024. Hasbro handles preorders for this set differently, they will place an order for this set based on how many preorders they received, guaranteeing collectors a set as long as they place an order before February 14, 2024.

The Vintage Collection reveals for 2024

Below are the pipeline reveals for the Vintage Collection with a 4-pack based on the Clone Wars, the tan/red HK-87 droid, a single carded release of the Dark Trooper, Ahsoka "The White", Din Djarin with "borrowed" jet-pack from season 3, Bo-Katan with new sichel on the armor from season 3, and Cobb Vanth in Boba Fett's armor.

The Vintage Collection reveals for 2024

The Retro Collection

There weren't any new figures on hand for the Retro Collection but the Hasbro Star Wars team announced six new figures coming later in 2024 with an Episode 3 Anakin Skywalker, an AOTC Padme Amidala, Mace Windu from Episode 3, Jango Fett from Attack Of The Clones, General Grievous and a Phase II Clone Trooper from Revenge Of The Sith.

The Retro Collection 2024

That was it for the first livestream and the first announcements from Hasbro for Star Wars action figures! Thanks for reading!