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May The Fourth 2024 - Our Top 10 Picks For This Year's Event!

4/16/2024 May The Fourth Sponsored Links

Get ready to ignite your excitement as May the fourth approaches once more! It's time to dive into the latest buzz surrounding figures, and with the 25th anniversary of the Phantom Menace shining upon us, we're turning our spotlight to the prequels! So, buckle up, grab your Episode 1 popcorn bucket and soda, and prepare for an electrifying ride with our top 10 figures from TVC, TBS and Retro for May the 4th, 2024!

10) Vintage Collection Jango Fett

Recently, one of the most sought-after figures from the Vintage Collection, long coveted by collectors, received an exciting update. That figure is none other than the iconic bounty hunter, Jango Fett! Despite its relatively sparse accessories and a higher price point, this release stands out as one of the year's most thrilling additions to any collection. If you wanted an updated version, it's out there now!

Vintage Collection Jango Fett

9) Black Series Padmé Amidala

At long last, Padmé from Episode 1 has joined the prestigious ranks of the Black Series line! Given the scarcity of figures released from The Phantom Menace over the past decade, this addition is a delightful enhancement to any Episode 1 showcase! You can pick up Padme on Amazon now right here: Padme on Amazon.

Black Series Padme Amidala

8) Vintage Collection Phase I Clone Trooper

The just released Phase I Clone Trooper from Attack Of The Clones has trooper builder written all over it. It's a wonderful upgrade from previous clones and well worth adding to the collection.

Vintage Collection Phase I Clone Trooper

7) Black Series Mace Windu & Clone Trooper

The Mace Windu and Clone Trooper 2-pack is currently sold out on HasbroPulse.com, but it will be made available again later this year through Disney Parks and DisneyStore.com. It's a cool Prequel/Clone Wars era set and since it's sold out already it shows just how popular this 2-pack is. It's well worth adding to the collection if you get the chance.

Black Series Mace Windu and Clone Trooper

6) Vintage Collection Phase II Troop Builder 4-pack

The Vinage Collection Phase II Clone Trooper set is a fantastic way to build out the troops with one purchase! Get one 332nd Clone, one 501st Legion Clone and two regular white-armored Clones in this multipack! You can pick up your set on Amazon here.

Vintage Collection Phase II Clone Troopers

Vintage Collection Phase II Clone Troopers

5) Black Series Anakin Skywalker

Little Annie has finally made it into the Black Series line for the 25th Anniversary of Episode 1. Even though this release is very light on accessories and has a fairly simple paint application, there is no way around adding this main character to your collection. A great and over-due release and just in-time for the 25th anniversary of the movie! Amazon has the figure in stock currently.

Black Series Anakin Skywalker

4) Black Series Super Battle Droid & C-3PO

Battle time! The Super Battle Droid, along with C-3PO on a B1 Battle Droid body, are now available in the Black Series line. This is the very first time that 6" collectors get a chance to add both characters to the collection, and what better way to display your clone troopers than fighting some Super Battle Droids, right? This is a cool set which includes one of the most anticipated characters in the line, make sure to add this one to your collection! Currently a HasbroPulse.com exclusive.

Black Series Super Battle Droid and C-3PO

Black Series Super Battle Droid and C-3PO

3) Retro Collection 6-Pack

If you are a Retro Collection fan then Target stores have you covered with a brand new Phantom Menace focused 6-pack, which includes figures of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks, Padme Amidala, a Battle Droid and Darth Maul! Limited articulation, simplistic sculpting, charming portraits, it's all there and if you grew up with Kenner those will likely be for you. Currently exclusive to Target and in-stock as of this article.

Retro Collection Phantom Menace

2) Black Series Destroyer Droid

One of the most anticipated figures in the Black Series is the deluxe Destroyer Droid, not only is it big but it has all the details worked into the sculpt that we've come to appreciate from the droid. The figure comes in Phantom Menace packaging which lets collectors build out the Episode 1 mural on the shelf further. This figure will look excellent next to little Anakin and Padme Amidala which have just been released and also made it into our top 10 for this year's May The Fourth. This one is a Fan Channel exclusive and you can pre-order it on Entertainment Earth.

Black Series Destroyer Droid

1) Vintage Collection Count Dooku

So who is number one? Without a doubt it's the Vintage Collection Count Dooku figure! This one has been missing in the 3 3/4" Vintage Collection for about 14 years, and it's finally available for collectors to add to the collection! It's a great looking figure with a stunning portrait! You can get your figure on Amazon here.

Vintage Collection Count Dooku

Vintage Collection Count Dooku

And there you have it, all great choices for this year and around May The Fourth 2024, no matter if you collect the 3 3/4" or the 6" line!