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Acolyte Announcements And Pre-Order Links

6/11/2024 The Vintage Collection Acolyte

Pre-orders on June 12, 2024, 1pm ET:

Today Hasbro announced new figures for the Retro Collection, The Black Series and The Vintage Collection with a focus on the Acolyte tv series! Let's take a look at all the reveals!

Hasbro showed one figure for the Vintage Collection, which is the main character from the Acolyte TV series with Osha Aniseya. The figure will come with a blaster, a holster which straps around the chest, her pip droid and a backpack. It'll retail for $16.99 and should be out sometime this Fall. 

Vintage Collection Osha Aniseya

For the Retro Collection Hasbro showed a brand new 6-pack with individually carded figures from the Acolyte tv series. The multipack has a price tag of $59.99 but it's unclear currently when pre-orders will go live and where it'll be available. The figures which will be included are Jedi Master Sol, Osha Aniseya, Mae (Assiassin), Mother Aniseya, Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon and Jedi Knight Yord Fandar.

Retro Collection Acolyte

Black Series collectors can look forward to three new Holocomm figures which include a light-up holopuck base with Ezra Bridger from the Ahsoka TV series, Mae (Assassin) from the Acolyte together with the main character of the series Osha Aniseya. Additional reveals included a regular release of Osha Aniseya and Shin Hati with soft-goods robe from the Ahsoka tv series.

Black Series Osha Aniseya

Black Series Shin Hati