Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars Retro Collection - 2022

The Star Wars Retro Collection is inspired by 1970s Star Wars figures and features original figure design and detailing! Continue your collection from the Galaxy far, far away!

Ahsoka Tano

Featured Figures

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Krrsantan figure, tvcdeluxe
Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, POTF2special
Mandalorian Fleet Commander figure, tvctwobasic
Battle Droid figure, TCWDeluxe
Chopper Droid figure, SLB
R5 Astromech Droid figure, DCPackIn
Stormtrooper figure, StarWarsToyBoxBasic
Darth Vader figure, TLCComic2-pack
Dengar figure, TVC3-pack
Mace Windu figure, TACBasic2007
Endor Rebel Soldier figure, TVCBasic
Greedo figure, SAGASpecial
Han Solo figure, bssixthree
Stormtrooper Officer figure, Solobasic
Commander Bly figure, SOTDSBluRay4pack
Luke Skywalker figure, tvctwobasic
Stormtrooper figure, TLC2
Darth Vader figure, TVCBasic
Purge Stormtrooper figure, tvctwobasic
A-Wing Pilot figure, SAGAvehicle
Din Djarin figure, tvccarbonized
Armorer figure, blackseriesphase4exclusive
R5-2JE figure, DCMultipack
Proxy figure, TLCBattlepack2009