Keyan Farlander - Star Wars The Vintage Collection - 2011

Celebrate the legendary Star Wars saga that changed the universe forever! This collection brings to life the incredible story of good versus evil that captured our imagination and took us to a galaxy far, far away. Iconic Star Wars heroes and villains are captured with incredible detail and premium features to commemorate each epic tale in the Star Wars saga. May the Force be with you!

Keyan Farlander Return Of The Jedi

Featured Figures

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Clone Trooper Commander figure, OTCBattlepack
Commander Cody figure, TLC2
Snowtrooper Officer figure, bssixthreeexclusive
Clone Trooper figure, blackseriesphase4holiday
Tusken Raider figure, TACBattlepack
Darth Vader figure, blackseriesphase4holocomm
Tallie figure, SoloVehicle2
Han Solo figure, SAGA2003
Dale figure, DisneyCharacterFiguresWeekends
Commando Droid figure, TCWBattlepack
AT-RT Driver figure, TACBattlepack
Supreme Leader Snoke figure, tvctwobasic
Djas Puhr figure, SAGA2002
Yoda figure, BS2
Shae Vizla figure, TVCBasic
Darth Vader figure, TACBasic2007
Anakin Skywalker figure, TVCBasic
Dr. Evazan figure, blackseriesphase4exclusive
Ponda Baba figure, POTF2Basic2
CB-3D figure, TLCDroidFactory2009
Darth Maul figure, RogueOneNoneTraditional
EV-9D9 figure, POTF2Basic2
Mace Windu figure, Episode1Basic3
Han Solo figure, Solo2pack