C-3PO Revenge Of The Sith Revenge Of The Sith Collection



The only time in any of the Star Wars movies where you see C-3PO in his prime, super shiny body, is in Revenge Of The Sith. This figure was released in the ROTS line in 2005. 3PO did not come with any accessories, but all of his limbs are removable, so you can customize the droid a little bit if you wanted it. The hands are molded together and because of this he is not able to hold any tools or weapons. Even though it's not the most articulated version of our favorite Protocol Droid, it is still one of the best released so far. One of the pros here is the fact that you can position the legs in a wider stance if you prefer, which gives the figure more stability while standing on your shelf. He does seem to have the correct height and looks great next to R2-D2. If you don't own a C-3PO action figure yet, this release is well worth looking into!


At last, the protocol droid C-3PO receives his complete body shell. He and his companion R2-D2 find themselves in the midst of tumultuous circumstances in their loyal service to Padme.