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Princess Leia Organa Ewok Celebration Outfit The Power Of The Force

Princess Leia Organa


This action figure is based on Princess Leia's appearance in the Ewok Village in Return Of The Jedi. The figure was part of the Power Of The Force 2 toy line. The princess has only 6 swivel joints, and because of the hard plastic skirt, the legs are just barely movable. The problem with this is balancing. The figure has a very, very difficult time standing on its own. Luckily Leia was given the holes in her feet so she can be placed onto a stand. The figure has an OK paint application, but it's too tall for a Princess Leia figure. It's about the same height as any other regular sized Star Wars figure. The blaster fits nicely into Leia's right hand, but that really should be a basic feature. All things considered, this is a very below average Princess Leia figure, there are definitely better versions of Ms. Organa on the market.


An accident during a furious speeder bike chase leaves the princess without a way of finding her Rebel companions. Befriended by Endor's Ewok civilization, Leia is once again united with her friends, but under different circumstances.