General Grievous With Wheel Bike Revenge Of The Sith Collection

General Grievous


  • This General Grievous was released packed-in together with Grievous' Wheel Bike
  • The figure fits OK onto the Wheel Bike seat
  • Hasbro added the seat on the Wheel Bike on the wrong side when compared to the movie
  • This version of Grievous is very basic compared with other Grievous figures - there is no cape or blaster included and it's not possible to extend all four arms
  • The figure's paint application is very simple with only grey/silver and white on it
  • General Grievous has balancing problems and there are no peg holes in the feet so that he could be placed onto a stand


General Grievous' wheel bike is a custom-designed mobile attack vehicle. He sits in the center sphere, and the wheel revolves around him in driving mode. The four legs are used in walking mode and to climb vertical surfaces, such as the sinkholes on Utapau where he battles Obi-Wan Kenobi on Boga.