IC-360 Cam Droid With STARSPEEDER 1000 The Disney Collection

IC-360 Cam Droid


  • This IC-360 Camp Droid action figure was released in Spring 2012 packed-in together with the STARSPEEDER 1000
  • The set was exclusive to Disneyland, CA and Disney World, Fl
  • The cam droid fits perfectly into the cam droid slot in the STARSPEEDER 1000
  • vehicle
  • Even though the bottom of the droid has a small hole in it where a support pole or stand could be plugged in, no such display stand was included
  • There are no movable or removable parts on the droid
  • It's tricky to display this droid outside of the slot that's on the Starspeeder 1000 vehicle because the only thing you can do with it is place it on the shelf and have it sit there
  • The color scheme on the IC-360 Camp Droid looks cool and matches the Starspeeder 1000 vehicle


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