Han Solo In Carbonite (with Boba Fett) Star Wars The Black Series 6"

Han Solo


  • This six inch scale Han Solo in Carbonite was released in a special 2-pack together with Boba Fett
  • The figure was released as a San Diego Comic Con - Celebration Europe II and StarWarsToyShop.com exclusive in 2013
  • The carbonite block is static with no removable parts
  • There were no stickers included for the side-panels - instead the side panels are sculpted and are painted silver and green
  • The carbonite block can't be opened and there is no room inside to "hide" a figure
  • The carbonite block can stand on its own - which is nice
  • Hasbro also included a 3-piece plastic see-through stand - which plugs into a hole in the back of the block - which then gives it a "hover" effect (nice!)
  • All in all - Han Solo in Carbonite Block is well sculpted and nicely painted
  • This Carbonite Block was released single carded by Hasbro in 2020 for their 40th anniversary celebration of the Empire Strikes Back, have a look here: Han Solo (Carbonite)


There was no biography or additional character information on the packaging.