Count Dooku Tartakovsky Clone Wars Clone Wars 2D Micro-Series (Animated Style)

Count Dooku


This cartoon-style version of Count Dooku was released individually carded in 2004, and this was the only time where it was available. The figure is based on Count Dooku's appearance in the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars cartoon.

Count Dooku has 5 joints, including a swivel neck, a swivel right arm, a swivel right wrist, a left swivel elbow and a swivel waist. The figure leans to the left, but doesn't fall over. The only weapon included was Dooku's curved, red lightsaber, which the figure can hold very well in the right hand. Despite 5 joints in the upper body region, the movement of the arms and the pose-ability is very limited. The sith robe is part of the figure and can't be removed.

The paint job on Count Dooku looks nice, especially the robe's dark red colors look good. The sculpt matches the cartoon character and adds a "cuteness" factor to it.

Like with all the figures in the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series, this Count Dooku figure was clearly made for children.


Through the creative vision of Lucasfilm Ltd. and the Cartoon Network, the Clone Wars are brought to life in an exciting new series of short animated chapters. A unique animation style captures the drama of this epic period in galactic history along with its outstanding heroes and adversaries. Noble Jedi warriors lead Clone Troopers into battle against the evil Separatist forces and their droid armies. Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and their comrades struggle against the rising power of the dark side and confront personal challenges against a backdrop of war-torn planets.