Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays! (And A Look At All Star Wars Christmas Action Figures!)

12/24/2018 Hasbro Merry Christmas Disney

Fellow collectors, we'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the support this past year. We've had an amazing time and it looks as if 2019 is going to be even bigger! In March of 2019 we'll celebrate our 15th Anniversary and we have no intentions of slowing down with our Star Wars action figure coverage, look for our reports from a variety of conventions including Star Wars Celebration in Chicago! 

So thank you everybody for your support and May The Toys Be With You in 2019! 

Here is an overview of 3.75" Star Wars Christmas action figures: 

2002 C-3PO As Santa Clause

Happy Holidays And A Look At Every Christmas Themed Star Wars Action Figure!

12/24/2016 Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

We hope you'll have a wonderful and restful few days with lots of Star Wars action figures and Star Wars toys under the Christmas tree. If you are interested in finding out what Christmas themed Star Wars action figures Hasbro/Disney have released in the past, take a look at the list below! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

C-3PO - HOLIDAY EDITION 2002 (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)

R2-D2 - HOLIDAY EDITION 2002 (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)

Yoda - HOLIDAY EDITION 2003 (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)

Jawa 1 - HOLIDAY EDITION 2004 (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)

Jawa 2 - HOLIDAY EDITION 2004 (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)

Darth Vader - HOLIDAY EDITION 2005

R2-H15 (R2-HOLIDAY 2015)

R2-H16 (R2-HOLIDAY 2016)