The Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection debuted on April 3rd, 2010 with a German Jedi-Con exclusive convention 2-pack, which featured Bounty Hunters 4-Lom and Zuckuss. Four months later in August 2010 the set was a Star Wars Celebration V exclusive in the United States, which was held in the same month The Vintage Collection launched on store shelves. For The Vintage Collection Hasbro brought back the much loved Kenner packaging-style from the late 70s and 80s with a coffin blister and a large character picture next to the figure. In 2013 The Vintage Collection went on a five year hiatus before being resurrected in 2018.

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The Vintage Collection 2010 - Today

Death Star II 2011

Following figures were released in an exclusive San Diego Comic Con 2011 Death Star II set which celebrated the original title of episode 6 Revenge Of The Jedi. All 14 figures inside this set were single carded and featured the Revenge Of The Jedi logo on the packaging. The Death Star cost $129.99 at the convention and was very difficult to obtain. A limited number of sets were made available later through (now Hasbro Pulse) but were equally difficult to get and sold out quickly. 12 out of the included 14 figures were released on their single cards at regular retail, the only two figures which are truly exclusive to this set are the Mouse Droid and Salacious Crumb. - The Star Wars Action Figure Database - A Free Resource For Collectors Since 2004 - The Star Wars Action Figure Database - A Free Resource For Collectors Since 2004

The Vintage Collection

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