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Let's Bring Back Troop Builder Sets!

1/21/2021 When Can We Buy Them? The Vintage Collection

The recent release of the Tantive IV Corridor diorama for 3 3/4" Star Wars figures raised the question, where can more Stormtroopers or Rebel Fleet Troopers be purchased to build out this scene?

Even though both figures are in rotation currently at retail, none of them can be purchased for regular TVC single carded $12.99 prices. The only available original trilogy Stormtrooper with holster is available in the Carbon Freezing Chamber playset ($49.99) and the Rebel Fleet Trooper is only available in the Tantive IV Corridor set ($49.99). 

Obviously at $49.99 it's too expensive to troop build by any means, and even at $12.99 for each figure it wouldn't be cheap to troop build either. So Hasbro, if you are already producing both of those figures at your factories, why not let the machines do an extra run and bundle 4 of them together and sell them as a troop builder set exclusively through Hasbro Pulse? No fancy packaging, a simple white mailer box would do.

This is not a new concept, you've done this exclusively through the Star Wars Fan Club in 2002/2003 with a four pack of Endor Rebels, Stormtroopers and Rebel Fleet troopers. Why not do the same thing for The Vintage Collection? Those sets could stay in rotation for a very long time, especially since Disney will keep telling stories which are rooted in the original trilogy time line, and classic characters like Stormtroopers will keep being featured. The Rebel Fleet Trooper hasn't been made available at retail for 10 years, and that makes it very difficult for new fans to build out their environments like the Tantive IV Corridor set for example.

Below is a look at what the 2002/2003 Fan Club exclusive troop builder sets looked like.

Star Wars Fan Club Troop Builder Set

Star Wars Fan Club Troop Builder Set

Star Wars Fan Club Troop Builder Set