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Hasbro Q&A February 10, 2021

2/10/2021 Hasbro The Vintage Collection The Black Series

Hasbro's Star Wars team members Eric and Patrick met with fan sites this morning in a Zoom meeting, including JediBusiness.com. Unfortunately the questions were submitted before some of them were answered through leaks online prior to the meeting. Other participants besides JediBusiness.com included BanthaSkull.com, Star Wars Underworld, Kastors Corner and Star Wars News Network

Questions had to be centered around the last Hasbro Pulse livestream and the figures announced during that presentation. Below is a loosely transcribed version of the Q&A. For the full audio of the conversation listen to JBT episode 52

Q: Will we see other Lucasfilm IP's celebrated for the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm besides Star Wars, like Willow or Indiana Jones for example?

A: We are thrilled to work with Lucasfilm on the 50th anniversary, currently though we are focused on Star Wars and we don't have any other details to share at this time.

Q: As someone who archives figures on JediBusiness I am curious to know the numbering of the revealed figures for the Endor TVC figures and the Black Series Bad Batch figures (Elite Squadron Trooper, Hunter, Crosshair), could you share those please? (this question was submitted before pictures of the Endor TVC figures leaked online). 

A: Hunter is #1, Crosshair #2 and the Elite Squadron Trooper is #3. (TVC Paploo #190, TVC Leia Endor #191, TVC AT-ST Driver #192)

Q: Will the Best Buy exclusive Black Series Qui-Gon Jinn figure come with the extra hand which was included in the original release, and how about Jar Jar Binks' shield?

A: The extra hand for Qui-Gon and the shield and Atlatl with Jar Jar Binks will not be included. The goal was to recreate the original 1999 versions of the figures and that came with size limitations. The shield for example would have made the bubble much wider and it would have aesthetically looked different than the original release. Another reason was that the original release also didn't come with all those accessories. 

Q: You've announced four figures for the Black Series in Phantom Menace foil packaging and three 6" figures in Kenner colors, will we see a similar tribute in 3 3/4"?

A: With the Vintage Collection the focus and key is on new figures, and the impression is that TVC fans don't like some of those packaging treatments as much as Black Series fans do (carbonized figures for example). If you'd like to see tributes like this in 3 3/4" you'll have to let the team know. 

Q: Thank you for doing the pipeline figure previews, that is fantastic. How far away are those figures from being released, still 2021 or 2022?

A: All those pipeline reveals are still in development, but the plan is to release them later this year, potentially in early 2022.

Thank you to Patrick and Eric for the interview opportunity and to DeAnna at Litzky for getting it set up. For the full interview listen to JBT episode #52, or watch the entire Zoom meeting on the JediBusiness.com's YouTube channel, and for more details visit other participating fan sites: BanthaSkull.com, Star Wars Underworld, Kastors Corner and Star Wars News Network