Emerald City Comic Con 2024


Emerald City Comic Con 2024 took place this weekend in downtown Seattle celebrating all things pop culture. Like every year Galactic Figures was on location to scout for anything Star Wars related, specifically Star Wars action figures and Star Wars toys. This year's biggest pop culture event in Seattle was held at the Seattle Convention Center's Arch building, where all the celebrities and photo ops were located, while the Summit building hosted the majority of ECCC activities. Both Seattle Convention Center locations are just a short walk from the Westlake Light Rail station.

Unlike last year's Emerald City Comic Con, which boasted several Star Wars celebrity guests from The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars, the 2024 lineup was disappointingly sparse. Billy Dee Williams, renowned for his portrayal of Lando Calrissian, graced the event with his presence on Thursday and Friday only, offering autographs at a hefty $300 fee. Additionally, he was part of a panel on Friday at noon to promote his new book "What Have We Here?" Notably, attending this panel incurred an additional $32 charge alongside the regular admission fee, but it included an autographed version of his book. The only other Star Wars celebrity who was signing autographs at Emerald City Comic Con was Christopher Lloyd, who had a brief part in the Mandalorian tv series as Commissioner Helgait.

Emerald City Comic Con Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams @ Emerald City Comic Con 2024

This year's exploration of Emerald City Comic Con's show floor unveiled a surprising scarcity of Star Wars action figures and Star Wars toys in general. Amidst the expansive array of vendors and booths, only a couple of small stalls featured Star Wars collectibles. It was unexpected, given the convention's history of having a good selection of Kenner and modern Star Wars toy vendors on the show floor (have a look at last year's write-up). Despite walking the floor several times however there just wasn't much to find when it came to Star Wars figures.

Emerald City Comic Con 2024
One of two booths we found selling Star Wars action figures at Emerald City Comic Con 2024

Once again, the 501st and the Northwest Droid Builders made a formidable presence at this year's event. Throughout the fourth floor, an assortment of droids could be seen weaving through the crowds, adding an extra layer of immersion to the convention experience. Moreover, the Star Wars Experience room provided attendees with exciting photo opportunities alongside intricately crafted Star Wars props and dedicated cosplayers. It was a testament to the vibrant creativity and passion of the fan community that thrives within events like these.

For seasoned Star Wars fans who attend Emerald City Comic Con regularily however, the offerings seemed somewhat predictable this year, with the Star Wars segment presenting nothing particularly new. It was as if the event was caught in a loop of familiarity, offering "more of the same" rather than pushing the boundaries. Why not have a Stormtrooper parade through the convention center lead by Darth Vader? Why not have a Star Wars cosplay group picture outside? Why not bring Roxy The Rancor to the convention? Why not have some Star Wars themed cars on display? Where were the TaunTauns this year?

The artist alley was phenomenal this year with lots of creative Star Wars offerings, from stickers and art prints to jewelry and pins, there was a wide range of amazing items on display for purchase.

Emerald City Comic Con 2024

Looking optimistically towards 2025, let's hope that Emerald City Comic Con will bring more Star Wars celebrities to the guest lineup again which will hopefully inject a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation. Moreover, the absence of vendors specializing in toys was palpable, leaving a void that yearns to be filled by the colorful array of action figures and collectibles that have become synonymous with Emerald City Comic Con in year's past. The convention was a lot of fun again, but let's hope for more Star Wars newness in 2025!

Thank you to ReedPop! for having Galactic Figures come out again to cover the event!

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