Luke Skywalker - Star Wars Retro Collection - 2020

The Star Wars RETRO COLLECTION is inspired by 1980s Star Wars figures and features original figure design and detailing! Continue your collection from the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Luke Skywalker Bespin

Featured Figures

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FX-7 figure, potjbasic
R2-S8 figure, DCMultipack
Stormtrooper figure, tvctwobasic
JN-66 figure, SAGA2003
Sith Jet Trooper figure, GalaxyBasic
Sandtrooper figure, bssixthree2013
Chewbacca figure, POTF2cinema
C-3PO figure, MHBattlePack
Rebel Fleet Trooper figure, TACComic2-pack
Clone Trooper figure, TACBasic2007
2-1B figure, TAC2008
Endor Rebel Soldier figure, blackseriesphase4jedi40th
Yoda figure, POTF2Galaxy
R2-D2 figure, tfapack
Darth Maul figure, StarWarsToyBoxBasic
Airspeeder Pilot figure, POTF2VEHICLE2
ARC Trooper Captain figure, tvctwobasic
Galen Marek figure, TVCBasic
Jawa figure, BS2
Kylo Ren figure, SkywalkerSaga2Packs
Tusken Raider figure, TACBattlepack
Bossk figure, VTSC
Clone Tank Gunner figure, TCW2009
Donald Duck figure, DisneyCharacterFiguresBasic