Grogu - Star Wars The Vintage Collection - 2022

The Mandalorian leads a crew on a rescue mission to Moff Gideon’s ship where a garrison of dark troopers – the advanced droids that captured Grogu – are waiting. They decide on a plan. Once they board the cruiser, the others will lead the attack and take the bridge, the Mandalorian will follow alone, elimiate the dark troopers, and recover Grogu. After a brutal battle with the dark troopers, the Mandalorian takes on Moff Gideon and bests the Imperial. Suddenly, the dark troopers return to claim Grogu. They are no match, however, for a mysterious cloaked figure that emergesonboard from an unidentified X-Wing. This warrior destroys the dark troopers and the Mandalorian says goodbye to Grogu, as he sends him off to fulfill his destiny.

Grogu The Rescue 4-Pack

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