BD-1 - Star Wars The Black Series - 2023

Celebrate the season with specially designed Star Wars figures from The Black Series!

BD-1 2023 Holiday Edition 2-Pack #4 of 6

Featured Figures

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Yoda figure, ROTSBasic
Captain Phasma figure, DisneyEliteSeriesDieCastBasic2015
Tusken Raider figure, tvctwobasic
BT-1 figure, TVCExclusive2
Sandtrooper figure, bssixthree2013
Chewbacca figure, DisneyEliteSeriesDieCastBasic2017
Elite Praetorian Guard figure, bssixthree
BARC Trooper figure, TACOrder66
Probe Droid figure, bsdeluxe
Jyn Erso figure, blackthree
Zam Wesell figure, SAGA2002
Bail Organa figure, ROTSSpecial
Chewbacca figure, tfaclass4
Darth Maul figure, Episode1special
R2-D2 figure, DISNEYBasic
Darth Talon figure, TLCComic2-pack
Clone Trooper figure, blackseriesphase4clonesoftherepublic
Hera Syndulla figure, tvctwobasic
C2-B5 figure, DCMultipack
Wicket figure, POTF2Leia
Jawa figure, bssixthree
Emperor's Royal Guard figure, SAGA2002
Anakin Skywalker figure, SAGA2003
R2-D2 figure, Galaxy3Packs