Darth Vader - Star Wars The Black Series 6" - 2017

Features display stand with backcard to showcase 40th Anniversary figures!

Darth Vader Legacy Pack

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Darth Vader figure, TSCBattlepack
C-3PO figure, TACSpecial
Clone Trooper figure, ROTSDeluxe
Bastila Shan figure, blackseriesphase4basic
Rum Sleg figure, TLC2
Inquisitor figure, SWLBasic
Luke Skywalker figure, bssixthreevehicles
Tsui Choi figure, TACOrder66
Purge Stormtrooper figure, tvctwobasic
Han Solo figure, vintagestarwars
Sky Trooper figure, DCMultipack
Tig Fromm figure, VintageDroids
Nho Apakk figure, TLC2
Lak Sivrak figure, POTF2Basicff
Yoda figure, bssixthreeblue
Dud Bolt figure, TSCBasic
Bossk figure, SAGASpecial
501st Legion Trooper figure, TACLegends
Darth Vader figure, TLCComic2-pack
R2-D2 figure, MHBasic
Gonk Droid figure, TSCBasic
Porg figure, TVCExclusive2
Dryden Vos figure, bssixthree
Darth Vader figure, TLCBasic2008