Darth Vader - Star Wars The Black Series 6" - 2017

Features display stand with backcard to showcase 40th Anniversary figures!

Darth Vader Legacy Pack

Featured Figures

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Palpatine (Darth Sidious) figure, MH2-pack
AT-AT Driver figure, POTF2Basicff
Mechano Droid figure, vintageAnhPackIn
Stormtrooper figure, blackseriesphase4holiday
Mace Windu figure, TVCBasic
Luke Skywalker figure, blackseriesphase4basic
Teebo figure, potjbasic
Luke Skywalker figure, esb40
Stormtrooper Officer figure, Solobasic
Clone Trooper figure, TCWSpecial
Grogu figure, blackseriesphase4holiday
Hondo Ohnaka figure, TCW2009
A-Wing Pilot figure, POTF2VEHICLE2
Ahsoka Tano figure, CW3
Clone Trooper figure, CW4
IT-O Interrogation Droid figure, POTF2commtech
Poe Dameron figure, tvctwobasic
Commander Bacara figure, TSCHeroesAndVillains
Shoretrooper figure, RogueOneVs
Hoth Rebel Trooper figure, TLCBasic2008
R4-H18 figure, DISNEYBasic
Bodhi Rook figure, DisneyEliteSeriesDieCastBasic2016
Shaak Ti figure, OTCScreenScene
Tusken Raider figure, BlackSeries40