Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2018!

11/22/2018 Toy Run Podcast JediBusiness.com Black Friday

Just when you are about to go into a food coma after feasting on too much turkey, pop-in the latest news-filled episode of your favorite Star Wars collecting podcast! Listen to Criz Bee and Jake Stevens break-down Black Friday ads, website listings and store reports of Star Wars action figures. The hosts also talk about Dewback balls, Jeffrey's Toy Box and deals at discount stores. Listen now and please leave us a review on iTunes!

Toy Run

Target Is Ready For Black Friday!

11/22/2016 Black Friday Target Hasbro

Stay on Target, literally! We've received several reports across the United States that Target stores are fullly stocked and loaded with wave 2 of Rogue One 3 3/4" figures and the Krennic/C-3PO/Stormtrooper Squad Leader 6" figures! Check out the pictures below!

Happy Hunting everybody and good luck!

Target's Star Wars Stock Before Black Friday 2016

Target's Star Wars Stock Before Black Friday 2016