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Star Wars The Black Series

On January 29, 2013, Brian Truitt revealed on USAToday.com that Hasbro was going to release 6-inch Star Wars action figures in Fall 2013, which confirmed months of speculations. The Black Series 6-inch line debuted officially on August 1, 2013, along with the basic The Black Series 3 3/4-inch figures. Despite the higher price point of approx. $19.99, almost twice as much as a 3 3/4" Star Wars action figure at the time, the all-new scale was received well by fans.

Battlefront 1

Shock Trooper, Star Wars Battlefront 2015 figure
Shock Trooper Star Wars Battlefront 2015
Walmart exclusive
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Here are some fun stats based on the figures pictured on this page!

Out of 355 figures released 145 were exclusives, which shows a focus of 40.85% on exclusives and 59.15% on regularly available figures.

If you have purchased one of each figure pictured here on this page when it was released at regular MSRP in the United States, or one of each multipack / convention exclusive, you've spent a total of $8346.95. This averages out to $23.51 per figure.

Entertainment Earth




8The Phantom Menace2.25%
12Attack Of The Clones3.38%
13Revenge Of The Sith3.66%
57A New Hope16.06%
53Empire Strikes Back14.93%
20Return Of The Jedi5.63%
40The Force Awakens11.27%
25The Last Jedi7.04%
20The Rise Of Skywalker5.63%
15Solo: A Star Wars Story4.23%
16Rogue One: A Star Wars Story4.51%
9The Mandalorian2.54%
5Star Wars: The Clone Wars1.41%
10Jedi: Fallen Order2.82%
3The Force Unleashed3%
9Star Wars: Rebels2.54%
8Other (Comic Books, EU, Novels ...)2.25%
355Total Figures100%
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GalacticFigures.com - The Star Wars Action Figure Database - A Free Resource For Collectors Since 2004

Star Wars The Black Series

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Shock Trooper Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Walmart Check The Price No

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