TPM 20th Anniversary: A Guide To CommTech Chips

5/20/2019 The Phantom Menace CommTech Chips Hasbro

Completing a full set of Episode I CommTech chips can be challenging because Hasbro canceled or delayed some figures which caused gaps in the CommTech chip numbering. In order to help you get organized and find out if you have a full set at home have a look at the Guide To CommTech Chips.

CommTech Guide

TPM 20th Anniversary: Toy Catalog

5/20/2019 The Phantom Menace Hasbro

We've pulled out an Episode I booklet from 1999 and scanned in all the pages. This turned out to be a lot of fun and it's interesting to see what Star Wars figures were advertised, you'll find Episode I figures in it, but they also mixed the Original Trilogy in with some Power Of The Force figures. Towards the back you find the board and electronic games which were hip at the time. Go and have fun looking at all the toys!

Episode I Toys

TPM 20th Anniversary: CommTech Chips!

5/20/2019 The Phantom Menace Hasbro

We've added every commtech chip from the 1999 Episode I Collection to the database. Each figure entry now shows the chip and you can listen to all the voice samples. Keep in mind that the technology is 20 years old now and some of the voice samples sound quite distorted. It was a fun toy line with a neat gimmick, have fun browsing the Episode I collection and listen to the voice samples!

CommTech chips