Entertainment Earth Is Processing Orders!

5/28/2019 Entertainment Earth The Vintage Collection Hasbro

Entertainment Earth has begun to process orders for the next wave of The Vintage Collection! If you haven't ordered your case yet (they also sell figures individually), now is the time! The wave includes the Praetorian Guard, Captain Phasma, Lando Calrissian (from the Solo movie), Chewbacca and the over the top fantastic looking Rogue One Stormtrooper! Check it out!

Entertainment Earth

May The Fourth Be With You!

5/3/2019 The Black Series Entertainment Earth Hasbro

Happy May The Fourth! 

If you've missed the previously Toys'R'Us exclusive Black Series 6" Clone Commander Gree figure then you get a second chance! Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-orders for this figure which will ship later this year, have a look!

Commander Gree


New Vintage Collection Figures @ EE

4/25/2019 Entertainment Earth The Vintage Collection Hasbro

You can now pre-order the new wave of 3.75" Vintage Collection figures at Entertainment Earth! This wave includes Lando Calrissian, the Elite Praetorian Guard, Captain Phasma, Chewbacca and the Rogue One Stormtrooper, check it out!

Entertainment earth

New Vintage Collection Figures Coming To EE

4/1/2019 Entertainment Earth The Vintage Collection Hasbro

You can now pre-order the new set of Vintage Collection figures at Entertainment Earth, have a look!


New Star Wars Display Stands From EE!

3/4/2019 Entertainment Earth Star Wars Display Stands Hasbro

Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-orders for a new series of action figure stands which are compatible with Hasbro's 3.75" Star Wars action figures from 1995 and on. The stands come in packs of 25 and are available in grey, black and in transparent. For more details have a look here: 

Star Wars Figure Stands

General Grievous Shipping Soon From Entertainment Earth!

3/2/2019 Entertainment Earth The Black Series Hasbro

Entertainment Earth has begun charging credit cards for Black Series General Grievous pre-orders, which means that they'll be shipping ahead of the estimated April ship date! This will be the first Black Series figure in the DELUXE line which is taller than a basic Black Series figure. 

Get your General Grievous figure here! 

Black Series General Grievous

Previous Exclusives End Up At EE!

1/10/2019 Entertainment Earth The Black Series The Vintage Collection

We've just received a notification from Entertainment Earth informing us that following items are now available on their website: 

Black Series 6" Zuckuss

Black Series 6" Captain Phasma

The Vintage Collection Tie Fighter

Force Link 2.0 Kessel Mine Playset

If you've been collecting for the last year you know that the Kessel Mine playset and the Vintage Collection Imperial Tie Fighter were previously exclusive to Walmart and that Captain Phasma and Zuckuss can also be found at Disney Stores. It's troubling to see how exclusive Star Wars toys are being swapped around behind the scenes these days. Great for us however is that Entertainment Earth is a specialty collectors shop which means minty mint packaging and customer service.

Entertainment Earth Star Wars

Han & Leia Available Through Entertainment Earth!

11/5/2018 Entertainment Earth The Black Series Hasbro

Entertainment Earth will sell a limited number of Black Series 6" European Convention exclusive 2-packs starting at 9am PST on November 6th, 2018. The set will cost $49.99 and feature an exclusive Han Solo (Hoth) figure with brown coat. The set also comes with exclusive accessories and a Princess Leia (Hoth) figure. Get your set here!

Entertainment Earth Hoth

Take A Look At This Crazy Sale!

8/21/2018 Entertainment Earth The Black Series Hasbro

Entertainment Earth has an amazing sale on their website! Starting at midnight tonight PST, until Wednesday at 11:59pm PST they have an entire case of wave 14 of Black Series 6" figures for only $50 (down from $174.99)! This case includes figures of fan favorite Jaina Solo, the Praetorian Guard, Maz Kanata, Luke Skywalker Jedi Master, Rose, Snoke , Rey (Jedi Training) and Kylo Ren. This incredible sale brings the price down to $6.25 for each figure. This is an amazing deal when you consider that Jaina Solo typically goes for $20+ by itself! So check out this crazy sale, it only lasts 24 hours!

entertainment earth

Entertainment Earth Has Solo: A Star Wars Story Figures In-Stock!

4/8/2018 Entertainment Earth Solo: A Star Wars Movie Hasbro

Entertainment Earth has updated their website with a TON of cool SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY figures for pre-order AND in-stock, 6" Black Series figures and 3.75" Force Link 2.0 figures! Check 'em out: 

Han Solo Toys On EntertainmentEarth.com

Full case of 6" Black Series figures including Tarkin!

Black Series 6" Range Trooper

Force Link 2.0 Vehicle Assortment Case

Force Link 2.0 Millennium Falcon

Entertainment Earth



Miracles Do Happen! Look At This Kenner Warehouse Find!

4/6/2018 Kenner Entertainment Earth Return Of The Jedi

Entertainment Earth is currently taking preorders for Kenner Salacious Crumb figures and hookah pipes with slave collars. Originally those items were acccessories for the 1983 Kenner Jabba The Hutt action playset (that was 35/36 years ago!). We've reached out to them to see what was going on with that and it turns out that there was a warehouse find and Entertainment Earth will make those items available for purchase in May 2018. So don't miss out on those, they are very reasonably priced at $3.99 each!

Salacious Crumb $3.99

Glass Bowl With Hookah Pipe #3.99

Kenner Salacious Crumb

A Brief History Of Wookiee Toys On Entertainment Earth

3/31/2018 Entertainment Earth Wookiee

Entertainment Earth has published an article titled "A Brief History Of Wookiee Toys" where Brad Smith takes a look at some of the Wookiee action figures released over the past 40+ years. It's a fun read, Brad starts out with the cancelled Wookiee 4-pack from the Star Wars: Holiday Special and ends on a high note with the Hot Toys Chewbacca figure. In the article you might spot a familiar picture or two from JediBusiness.com. 

For our Wookiee section here on J.B. have a look here: Figures by species -> Wookiees



Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids @ EE!

1/27/2018 Hasbro Entertainment Earth The Black Series

Entertainment Earth has discounted their exclusive Star Wars The Black Series 3.75" astromech droid set to $26.99! At that price those won't be around for much longer, if you need this set we recommend that you pick one up now!

Entertainment Earth Star Wars sale

New Figures At Entertainment Earth At Regular Prices!

6/1/2017 Entertainment Earth The Black Series Hasbro

Entertainment Earth to the rescue! The company has added new Hasbro 6" Black Series figures to their website. All the figures are currently available for pre-order at regular prices, take a look:

Imperial Royal Guard

Lando Calrissian

Tusken Raider

Full case


40th Anniversary Collection Wave 2 Pre-Order

5/4/2017 40th Anniversary Collection Hasbro Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated wave 2 of Hasbro's 40th Anniversary Collection 6" action figures! The case includes a total of 8 figures:

1 x Chewbacca

1 x C-3PO

1 x Stormtrooper

1 x Tusken Raider

2 x Jawa

2 x Death Squad Commander

Secure your set now by pre-ordering from Entertainment Earth!

Star Wars 40th

40th Anniversary Collection Legacy Pack Pre-Order

4/1/2017 40th Anniversary Collection Entertainment Earth Hasbro

Entertainment Earth now offers pre-orders for one of the hottest Star Wars action figures of the year: The 40th Anniversary Collection Legacy Pack! This Hasbro set includes a newly sculpted 6" Darth Vader on a vintage inspired cardback together with a display stand. The set retails for $39.99, get yours here: ENTERTAINMENT EARTH 

Darth Vader Legacy Pack

Darth Vader Legacy Pack

Darth Vader Legacy Pack

Pre-Order The Black Series Baze Malbus And Chirrut Imwe at EE!

1/19/2017 Entertainment Earth Hasbro The Black Series

The currently most requested 6" Black Series action figures are Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus, both figures are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth! Those will be hard to find figures, so get them now: 

Chirrut Imwe

Baze Malbus

The Black Series




New Rogue One 3 3/4" Figures In-Stock At Entertainment Earth

12/27/2016 Entertainment Earth Rogue One Hasbro

Entertainment Earth has received a shipment of wave 3 Rogue One Star Wars action figures. New figures in this series include Bodi Rook, Scarif Stormtrooper, Admiral Thrawn, Imperial Death Trooper Specialist and Jyn Erso in Imperial Ground Crew outfit. The only re-pack in this wave is Princess Leia from Star Wars Rebels. 

Order your set here!

Rogue One Action Figures


More Astromechs In The Database!

11/9/2016 Astromech Droids Entertainment Earth Hasbro

We've added all six astromech droids from the Entertainment Earth gift-set to the database. You can learn more about each figure here: 

Jabba's Bartender

 Astromech Droids

The Exclusive EE Astromech Set In-Stock

10/23/2016 Astromech Droids Entertainment Earth Hasbro

Entertainment Earth has the exclusive multipack of Astromech Droids in-stock! The set retails for $79.99 and ships for free. 

The set includes Jabba's Bartender Droid (Return Of The Jedi), R7-F5 (The Clone Wars), QT-KT (The Clone Wars), R7-D4 (The Clone Wars), R2-C2 (The Clone Wars), R2-A5 (A New Hope). You can order your set here!

Entertainment Earth Astromech Droids