The Best Star Wars Figures Of 2021

12/29/2021 The Vintage Collection The Black Series TOP 5

For the end of the year the Galactic Figures community voted yet again for the best Star Wars: The Vintage Collection and Star Wars The Black Series figures for 2021! You can find the poll in the Galactic Figures Facebook group. For last year's best figures have a look here: the best Star Wars figures for 2020. Each of the winners now features a "TOP 5 in 2021" image with their database entry.  Below are the results.

The Vintage Collection TOP 5 in 2021

The latest wave of TVC figures which includes Bo-Katan, the Mythrol and Bib Fortuna among others, were not included in the poll because most people had not received those figures yet. They'll be included in next year's poll. 

Top 5 Vintage Collection Figures For 2021

The Black Series TOP 5 in 2021

Top 5 Black Series Figures For 2021

Thank you to everybody who participated! Feel free to join the Facebook group here and be part of the community.