Clone Commander Wolffe Is Ready For Action!

7/28/2018 The Clone Wars The Black Series Hasbro

We've added the Black Series 6" Clone Commander Wolffe figure to the database, check it out!

Black Series Clone Commander Wolffe

Black Series Clone Commander Wolffe

The Clone Wars Is Coming Back!

7/19/2018 The Clone Wars Lucasfilm Disney

Lucasfilm, during the 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018, announced that The Clone Wars will be back. Now the question is, will Hasbro resurrect their animated line of figures to support the TV show? Check out the trailer below!

More Astromech Droids Added!

5/27/2018 Droid Factory The Clone Wars Disney

We've added even more astromech droids to the database. You can now find the Disney Theme Park and Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 exclusive astromech droid 4-pack in the database. Have a look to learn more about each droid: 

Droid Factory R5-013

Droid Factory R2-C2

Droid Factory R5-S9

Droid Factory R5-P8

Droid Factory Clone Wars


New In the Database: Black Series 6" Clone Captain Rex (With Photo Real Technology)

4/2/2018 The Black Series Hasbro The Clone Wars

You can now find Clone Captain Rex Black Series #59 from Hasbro in the database. This was the very first figure used by Hasbro to introduce the Photo Real face printing technology. For all the details about the figure, including comparison pictures with the 2017 Hascon Clone Captain Rex figure have a look at the database entry please!

Black Series Clone Captain Rex #59

Captain Rex

Forces Of Destiny - Episode 4!

7/6/2017 Forces Of Destiny The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano

Episode 4 of Forces Of Destiny is now available on the Disney YouTube channel and this time the short film is centered around Ahoska Tano (Lucasfilm even brought back the original voice cast from The Clone Wars!). Check it out below! 


Forces Of Destiny Ahsoka